AriyanSazeh Company invests in the area of constructing massive building projects with various use such as commercial, departmental, residential, and … with the target of profitability and obtaining client satisfaction. AriyanSazeh Group with concentration on the matter of investment has always tried to perform the best and most influential investments and partnership in the domain of construction.

This group’s main purposes are: expanding business poles by attracting investments, profitability and guaranteeing investment profits.

In this regard, AriyanSazeh Company considers all of the important factors for enhancement of decision-making such as: determining investment costs, having accurate investment plans, revising the projects’ magnetism in attracting investors, evaluating the perils and risks , the means of providing resources, the profitability of the investors and the rate of ROI(return on investment.

Material Supply (Global Brands)

Building materials are one of the most important and basic needs of performing urban reconstruction and development. High quality and well-priced materials are all the project executors’ concern. AriyanSazeh’s professional and skilled team prepares the best building materials, such as:

-Building elevators (from European sources)

-Steel Structure

Air-conditioning (Chiller, air handling unit, fan coil)

-Double-gazed window with European standards, cement, bitumen, plaster, lime

And delivers it to its applicants in the fastest possible way. AriyanSazeh Group, from the past to the present time, has supplied the materials for various administrative, commercial and residential projects and has signed many contracts in this domain.

Building elevators are provided by Soren Atlas Paydar Company. AriyanSazeh has always been known as one of the pioneer companies in the field of material supply by utilizing skilled professionals in different areas and extended experience in supplying materials from internal and foreign resources and is the life-long friend of successful national employers.