Yas 3 Project

Commercial and departmental Yas 3 complex is considered a unique project due to different reasons. This complex is located in the north of Khalij-e Fars lake(Chitgar lake).

Technical measurements and design type of this complex is in a way that puts it in the position of being one of the most especial commercial and departmental complexes in the district.

Commercial and departmental Yas 3 complex has accessibility to highways such as: Hakim (approximately 500 meters in the south of the project), Hemmat (approximately 200 meters in the north of the project), Azadegan(less than 2 kilometers), and Karaj-Tehran highway located in the south of Chitgar Park. Besides, Chitgar subway station has a 4-kilometer distance to commercial and departmental Yas 3 project which makes it convenient to reach the center of the city.


General information of the project:


  • Total land area: 3000 square meters
  • Total built up area: 40000 square meters
  • Total unit number 175
  • Total block number: 1
  • Total floor number: 23
  • Type of the units: commercial and departmental
  • Commercial units’ area: 90 meters on average
  • Departmental units’ area: 30 meters on average
  • Heating system: duct split
  • Cooling system: duct split
  • Type of skeleton: steel
  • Skeleton tonnage: 5000 tons