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District 22’s Advantages

District 22 at a Glance

Area Level Comparison 22

Comparing the area of district 22 (70750 hectares) with areas of other 22 districts of Tehran indicates that around 4.8% of Tehran’s utility area belongs to district 22. This district’s remarkable area and significant position in the lowest point is 32 degrees and in the highest point is 78 degrees. The general scale of rain is 281 mm per year in which 43% of it happens in the season of winter and the other 36% happens in spring. In general, the dominant wind of the year (day or night) comes from the west. With consideration to the district’s latitude, the sun’s angle of radiation would be 35 degrees and 41 minutes.

Attractions of the district consists of Tehran Waterfall, ShohadayeKhalij-e Fars Lake, Javanmardan-e Iran Park, Chitgarforest Park, and … .

Geographical and Climatic Characteristics

District 3 of Tehran Municipality between the eastern lengths “1” to 4 “2” and the northern latitudes “2” to 4 “2” located in the northwestern part of the city of Tehran, downstream of the catchment area of ​​the river Ken and Verdij Is. The area is bounded on the north by the Central Alborz Mountains, on the east by the Ken River, on the south by the Tehran-Karaj Freeway, and on the west by the area of ​​hand-picked and forested areas and adjacent to Districts 1 and 2 of Tehran Municipality. The northern boundary of District 3 of Tehran Municipality extends to a height of 5 m.Alborz Mountains, which has been attracting the city for the last 5 years, encloses the geographical shape of Tehran like a crescent wall, creating a very severe obstacle to the physical expansion of the city due to high slope and mountainous bottlenecks. In the area, the highest elevation is in the straight line of the North Catchment in the Alborz Mountains and east of Kiga Village with the number 2, and the lowest is at the outlet of Peykan City at a height of 2 meters.The Kan River route, which runs north-south after the exit point, extends across the eastern boundary of the design area and receives the surface waters of its eastern basins that connect to it through the diversion canals. The Verdavard River flows along the north to the south along the Ken River and extends northward to the west of the middle zone, forming the western boundary of the project below. The average distance between the two rivers is about 2 kilometers.

Tehran Waterfall

  • Address: 2m North of Shahid Kharazi Highway, Northwest of Forest Gardens
  • Area: About 2 hectares (2% green space and 2% ponds, waterways and passages)
  • Recreational & Tourism Facilities: Waterway, Artificial Waterfall, Streams and Ponds, Sidewalks and Gardens, Cycling Track, Amphitheater, Alachik, Hiking and Parking Access Roads, Restaurants and…
  • Aims: Restoration and restoration of the mountain’s natural environment, increasing per capita green space, restoring native plants, rebuilding natural ponds and ponds and waterways.

دریاچه شهدای خلیج فارس

  • Increase the ecological potential of the area
  • The weather stamp of zone 2 and west of Tehran
  •  Development of leisure and entertainment space in Tehran
  • Construction and development of urban green space
  • Create a distinctive space from other recreational projects due to the valuable water element
  • Identification of the Bayer and pristine areas of northeast Chittgar Forest and urban spaces
  • Creating a safe and secure environment for families
  • Pay attention to the recreational needs of the poor and create a cheap and modern space for this segment of society
  • Employment and creation of educational and recreational environment in the field of water games and water training
  • Prevent unauthorized occupation and construction on adjacent lands
  • Creating an environment conducive to strengthening the region’s ecosystem
  •  Respond to some of the physiological needs of citizens
  • Establishment of cultural, artistic and tourism hub in the western part of Tehran
  • Creating a pleasant environment for tourists and avoiding unnecessary out-of-town trips

Iranian Youth Gardens

Important features of the Iran Youth Garden:

  • The use of solar renewable energy to promote social culture in order to benefit from divine blessings and, on the other hand, the complete independence of the plan in times of crisis to provide the lighting and hot water needed by citizens.
  •  Using environmentally friendly materials and significantly reducing future maintenance costs
  •  Increase site safety by installing protective fences on the sidewalks and green trenches
  • Planting of vegetation and trees with appropriate and minimum irrigation regime and use of dominant drip and sprinkler irrigation system
  • Operating the garden in all seasons and choosing the right materials and widths of passages
  • Exploiting the garden at night by continuing the use of suitable distances and creating a collective milestone.
  • The presence of artists in the field of visioning and operation of the collection

Chitgar Forest Gardens

Cheitgar Park has long been a center of attraction for the leisure time of Tehran’s residents, but has not been permanently exploited for various reasons, including lack of proper recreational use and security of use. The park is located approximately geographically in the middle of the distance between Tehran and Karaj and the surrounding satellite settlements. The park is bounded on the south by the Tehran-Karaj freeway and the Tehran-Karaj intercity train, on the north by the Shahid Hamadani highway and the Persian Gulf shohada lake and on the west by the Paykan city and the Botanical Garden.

Chitgar General and Environmental Understanding


Understanding the Chitgar Natural Environment

Overall, the area in which Chitgar Park is located has many tolls and elevations depending on its different locations, so its slope fluctuations are high, starting from zero to as high as eighty percent. The main stretch of the park is to the east-west direction and forms the major lowlands and highs of Mahoor Hills.

This area is divided into western and eastern parts, with the passage of Moseley Chittgar passing through the middle of the park. The eastern boundary is approximately 2 hectares, the western boundary is approximately 2 hectares. Minimum height of Chitgar Park is 2 meters above sea level and maximum is 2 meters and average is 2 meters (the difference between the lowest and highest points of the park is 2 meters).

Tree cover and bushes of Chitgar Forest Park 

The tree cover of the park covers an area of ​​approximately 2 hectares. About 5% of these trees are coniferous species of leaf, with their area covered in Tables 1 and 2 and 3. In total, coniferous trees account for about 2 hectares (about 2% of the total park area). Broad-leaved trees comprise about 2 percent of the park’s trees.   

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